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Strive to Thrive 
More Than One Job 

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Make Time in Your Day to Learn the Money Thing

Author - Abbie Kahula Reed

Struggle to thrive in a tough economy has gone on too long with no end in sight. What will the new generation see on the road ahead?  How do others afford it and thrive? WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? Solutions to any problem is by investing TIME to LEARN. The money experts are talking online. Join me as I explore the valuable lessons of new money habits and strategies.            

Join Me on My Road Trip!


What is the Problem and Why?

The challenge of affording the unaffordable overshadows paradise Hawai'i and the nation. According to Stewart Yerton of, "The state's high cost of living and relatively low-paying jobs means about one-third of families are living paycheck to paycheck and saving little or nothing for the future." Maila Gibson, Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner and a full time licensed realtor in Hawaiʻi explains the situation best in her video, "Hawaii Cost of Living" found on her Youtube channel

Maila shares how many Hawaiʻi residents struggle because of the high cost of living. Maila asks, "How do people do it? Why do people do it?" Great question!

Maila takes advantage of today's digital communications and media tools to promote her talents and businesses. She strives to thrive in her Hawaiʻi home utilizing all her talents and abilities working multiple income streams and looks like she's kickin' it.

1. Licensed Realtor in Hawaii - featured in Honolulu Magazine as top agent

Maila shares her personal memories as a child when there was no food in the house. Her story is an inspiration to those who know struggle and search for solutions. Many learn that one job too often, too late, is not enough to pay the bills. She inspires all that with determination, thriving in tough economic times is possible. Maila strives to thrive in her Hawaiʻi home utilizing all her talents and abilities working multiple income streams. She takes control of her life by taking control of her finances with multiple streams of income

and looks like she's kicking it! 

   2. Entertainer - Singer. Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award Winner 

Watch Maila sing like an angel! YouTube channel  "My Prayer" featuring Ho'okena I am a true fan. Hana hou? Absolutely. Hear her loveliness again as she sings a duet love song with Kuana Torres Kahele featured on HI Sessions. Pure talent! Maila takes advantage of today's digital communications and media tools to promote her talents and businesses

3. Vlogger: Mailia is a vlogger sharing parts of her life and lifestyle on YouTube and social media.

Maila takes advantage of today's digital communications and media tools to promote her talents and businesses. 


4. Wedding Officiant: Getting married? Yep! Maila can do it. She is certified to perform home, business and baby blessings in addition to wedding ceremonies. Her rates are dependent on event type and location starting from $300 to $425 with additional sevices offered. Way to go Maila!

Maila's Got It Going On!

Maila embraces Hawaiʻi and is grateful for the lifestyle and connecting through its people and the aloha spirit. I never met this woman but I feel like she's a good friend from seeing her presence online. She reflects on her childhood being home alone often while her mom worked her three jobs and knew what it was like to be hungry. Her memories of her childhood was her driving force to succeed. She represents hope for all who know struggle and is proof that determination facilitates dreams. Mahalo Maila for sharing all you do and all you are to inspire and enlighten everyone, especially those who struggle to thrive in Hawai'i and the world.  


Strive to Thrive 
Side Hustles 


What Is a Side Hustle?

According to a side hustle is "a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one's regular job and main source of income." 

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Why do it?

Honolulu Civil Beat's Will Caron reported how a state senate bill will gradually raise Hawai'i's minimum wage from $10.10 to $18.00 by 2026. Any help is better than none but is it enough? Will inflation offset the wage increase? Statistics and opinions vary and constantly change on the subject, but most agree that the high cost of living is a challenge for many who struggle with one household income. The Living Wage Calculator below tells the grim story of why more than one job is needed.


Need any ideas for side hustles?

Hundreds or more in online blogs and YouTube vides offer advice and tips for a long list from which to choose with a simple google search using the term "side hustle 2022." Here's where TIME challenges learning. Bloggers may claim they have the best list but doing the research on the recommendations is necessary to isolate the good from the bad or spammy. There are so many choices online that reading through them and researching reviews of the lot can be frustrating, but don't give up. 

Go slow--baby steps but "go" in any capacity, as long as the learning continues. The price of choosing the wrong side hustle could be exhaustive on time and money. For example, The Savvy Couple blog offers "65+ Best Side Hustle Ideas in 2022 to make $1000 per month. Many of the offers reward the blogger commission or referral income when the visitor clicks through and accepts the offer. Some offers may be legitimate or viable and some not so do the homework. 


Is There Another Way? 

Jeff Rose of Wealth Hacker YouTube Channel runs through his recommendation from hands on experience or knowledge of side hustles that utilizes options using digital technology such as self-publishing, blogging, online stores, etc.  Jeff draws out the ideas in blackboard style with easy to understand explanation. 

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Fitness Gym


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Coming Up Next

Part 4 of this series will dive deeper into different options of earning income but at a much different level with more advanced money strategies on a higher level. In the next part, "Why I Like Who I Like," I'll share in review the top four picks of money mentors that I want to be like when I grow up. Click below and I'll meet you there! 




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This project is to support my graduation requirement on a senior capstone project an undergraduate student at UH West Oahu pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Media Communications and New Technology

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