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How I Get the Dog in the Ocean

Even though I live just 5 minutes from the most beautiful beach in the world here in paradise Hawaii, (Not bragging but sorta kinda). Without help, it's difficult for me to take all five dogs anywhere at the same time. But when there's help, we make it a day which always becomes an adventure. Here's how I get the Dog in the ocean. I am not a professional dog trainer. I'm in training to be the dog trainer. Got lots to learn. Widdles below is my beach buddy and loves the ocean.

Tip 1 - Practice often - Usually it would be one or two at the most. The two dogs who are now “water dogs” had more practice than the others, so that would be tip number 1, practice often. Tip 2 - Never drag them into the water against their will. (Do unto others right?)

Tip 3 - Show how it's done - Be the example—wade into the water with big smiles and happy noises, calmy. Not too loud. Tie their leash close by but not too close and just make a fool out of yourself showing how much fun it is to swim in the nice “wawa.” Tip 4 - Have patience and don't expect to succeed on the first try. Know when to say "done."

Tip 5 - . Repeat tip # 1 through 4 many times. Stay positive because it will happen but it will never happen if you force them. Good luck!

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