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The Passive Life

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Make Time in Your Day to Learn the Money Thing

Author - Abbie Kahula Reed

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The Passive LifeAbbie
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The Passive Life is freedom of time from upfront hard work,

building systems of automatic passive cash flow income


According to, generating passive Income: 
1. is not easy and takes a lot of hard work upfront to start
2. does NOT happen overnight
3. is NOT impossible

The website summarizes passive income in two categories: 

1) Passive Income that require a time investment

2) Passive Income that require a monetary investment


Hundreds of ways to earn passive income to align with most individual's passion and goals can be found with a simple google search with the appropriate keyword,

"passive income." There are many talking about, explaining, praising and criticizing it. Here is where spending time in learning and researching is crucial so best informed decisions are made to minimize regrets.

Do the homework and spend the time to learn. Jus' Saying  

Here's a short list of passive income options

Passive Income Ideas From Time Investment

1. Affiliate Marketing - Commission income from sales of other people or company's products from your referral. The business model usually requires having a website or blog where you review in favor of the product and provide an affiliate link used to track your referral and sale. 

2. Starting a YouTube channel - After videos on your channel accumulate 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, your channel achieves monetization eligibility through the YouTube partner program. Income can then be earned through affiliate links, selling digital products and ads YouTube places on your videos. Many have achieved this and made good money on automatic, and many have tried and struggled. 

3. Paid Membership Business - Money earned is from recurring online membership fees (like a gym) in a community you build online, providing value to members.

4. Print-On-Demand Designs - Companies like Printful or Teespring lets you upload designs to their platform, which sells products like T-shirts, blankets, mugs, etc. Orders placed are sent out by the company, and profit is yours with no cash out of your pocket. 

5.  Online Course - Sales from digital online courses you create can be profitable and automatic if your course is in demand. 

6. NFT's - Create and sell digital artwork backed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

7. Record and Sell an Audiobook - Self-publish a book on your own website or on Amazon can earn good automatic Income if the content is popular and you do the research for best results. 

and lots more...


Passive Income Ideas From Monetary Investment

1. Dividend from stocks purchased


2. Peer to Peer Lending - Be a bank to lend money with interest


3. Invest in a business - Earn Income from shares 


4. Annuities - Investing in an annuity is essentially buying an insurance policy.


5. CD or certificate of deposit which matures over time, earning a fixed interest

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I imagine..

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... doubters and naysayers will balk at the possibility of money growing while asleep but I know it's possible from the examples of the many who achieved it. So that's where I'm headed knowing without a doubt that if they can do it, I can too if I work hard at it, commit to time learning with my "why" in my head throughout the journey.

But, that's me. Jus' Sayin'

I imagine.. the sleeping couple feels, at peace without waking to the buzz of the morning alarm.

...knowing they don't work for money with the security of having money work for them. It's the ultimate dream.

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I imagine..

they will have worry-free minds and unfettered commitments free

to spend quality time

with the ones they love.

I imagine..

they will be grateful for their blessings and not only have the desire but also the power to make a positive difference.


I see a future of possibilities for the next generation and my grandchildren with new ways of learning and conviction of purpose to make a difference. 

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I'm thrilled you came along and hope you join me on the next and final stop. Just click the bus below and I'll meet you there! 



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This project is to support my graduation requirement on a senior capstone project an undergraduate student at UH West Oahu pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Media Communications and New Technology

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